• Semilac Radian Complex Hand Serum 250ml

Semilac Radian Complex Hand Serum 250ml


Hand serum - comprehensive hand care

When it's cold and bad outside, Semilac hand serum calls you! This product will also be loved by hands thirsty for proper hydration and rejuvenation, as well as skin with a tendency to discolouration. Semilac hand serum with regular use will eliminate them and prevent the formation of others. And it smells great in bonus. What not to like here !?

Semilac hand serum - how it works

Semilac hand serum contains, among others, natural moisturizing factors. It thoroughly moisturizes and prevents water loss - forget about rough and dry skin. In addition, reduce discolouration and charm the impeccable appearance of young skin on your hands - regardless of age.
Our hand serum nourishes and soothes irritations without leaving a sticky layer. Little? Then we pull another ace out of the sleeve! Semilac hand serum will surround them with a compelling fragrance that will stay with you for a long time. Can your current hand cream do that ?!


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