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NeoNail Hard Base Vitamins UV Gel Polish 7,2 ml

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Hard Base Vitamins is a well-known classic hybrid base, but enriched with vitamins. What's hidden in the new version? Keratin, Shea butter esters, silk proteins and a complex of vitamins A, E and C.

Hard Base Vitamins are another face of the base and other ways to create a unique hybrid manicure. The base is very easy to use. Its consistency is denser than Hard Base and less common than building bases.

It will facilitate styling for beginners and improve treatments for professionals.

This is another product from the Vitamins series that is worth using especially on brittle and weak nails. Test Hard Base Vitamins and find out the difference!

Size - 7,2 ml


Neonail is a brand that combines excellent quality nail gels polish to achieve professional and durable shellac manicure. NeoNail is characterised by intense pigmentation, which means one layer alone provides excellent coverage. Neonail has a wide range of colours making it easy to find that perfect colour for you.
The advantages of the Neonail UV nail gel polish:
- stay up to 3 weeks
- no splitting
- scratch - resistant
- high-gloss finish
- hardness in seconds
- high cover for the first layer
- stabilizes natural nails
    The nail gel polish Shellac manicure is an innovative method of manicure using a specific nail polish that contains special properties. Nail gel polish is a combination of regular nail varnish and nail gel. The result of this combination is a perfectly dry, shiny nail design and what's better you only need to wait 2 minutes when using UV light or 30secs for LED. After curing in the lamp, the lacquer is fully dry and resistant to damage meaning it will not smash or chip & leaves your nails with a fantastic glossy shine for over 2 weeks! Removing nail polish is also very simple and safe without damaging your nails.
    STEP 1. Give the nails the desired shape. Carefully push the nail skin back with a wooden stick or nail pusher. Then file the nail surface with the NeoNail Buffer and remove any dust formed with a brush.
    STEP 2. Degrease the nails with the NeoNail Cleaner.
    STEP 3. Add the UV HARD BASE coat as a primer and allow it to cure under LED or UV light. (Do not wipe the nails with the cleaner afterwards).
    STEP 4. Apply the UV NAIL GEL POLISH in the colour of your choice and allow it to cure under LED or UV light. Do not wipe the nails afterwards. Repeat the process.
    STEP 5. Apply the UV HARD TOP to give a very clear shine effect and allow it to cure under LED or UV light. Then clean your nails with the cleaner.

    STEP 1. To remove the nail polish from the nails, roughen the glossy layer of nail polish with a file, then apply acetone to Foil Nail Wraps and leave it for about 10 minutes. If there are leftovers of the gel polish, remove them with a wooden stick or a metal pusher.
    STEP 2. Soak a nail wraps with UV nail polish remover or acetone, wrap tightly around the finger and allow to work for about ten minutes.
    STEP 3. Remove the UV nail polish with a wooden stick or a metal nail pusher.


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