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Semilac AcrylGel Clear 60 g

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Shade - clear

Semilac Double Flex Acrylgel Clear - transparent, transparent acrylic gel, which is an ideal product for building or extending the nail plate. Semilac Double Flex Acrylgel Clear also works great as a finish for a french manicure.

The sense of uniqueness:
An innovative product combining the advantages of gel and acrylic - it is more flexible than acrylic and stronger than a hard gel
It allows you to build a nail plate and its extension
A reduced baking sensation during lamp curing, which is typically characteristic of the curing of most gel products
The product does not have an unpleasant odour
With the help of the Semilac Double Flex Acrylgel tube, we can make about 20 manicures (depending on the thickness of the applied layer and the length of the extension)


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Ask a Question

  • Do we need to use any base coat before applying the acrygel? Thank you.

    Yes, you need to use the base coat prior acrylgel application