• Semilac Matt Eyeliner 01 Black - FlowertushBeauty
  • Semilac Matt Eyeliner 01 Black - FlowertushBeauty
  • Semilac Matt Eyeliner 01 Black - FlowertushBeauty

Semilac Matt Eyeliner 01 Black


Shade - black

Precision Semilac eyeliner in an elegant and deep black colour. The product has a light consistency that is resistant to moisture and movement. In addition, it dries quickly on the eyelid and does not crack! It is guaranteed to last and provides amazing eye makeup for hours.

When applied, matte eyeliner Semilac gives a uniform film of colour - so you can forget about uneven pigment distribution! Thanks to the precise bristle brush, creating an eyeliner line should not be a problem.

From now on you can tempt with a charming underline of the eye in matt black. As long as you wish!
The product does not contain paraffin.

Eyeliners - clearly underlining the eye
Eyeliners were created for women who like stronger makeup with more character. Eyeliner lines are drawn along the eyelash lines, underlining them and adding depth to the look. It's a simple way to create an elaborate make-up accent that looks great in everyday makeup as well as for an outing. Eyeliners are used alone, giving you the chance to create a softer eye makeup, and in combination with colourful shadows. Eyeliner with glitter can also create a charming duo! Fancy trying this look on your eyelids? Try our cream glitter shadow, together with the matte black Semilac eyeliner. For a promising evening out - you won't disappoint!

Eyeliners - types of lines
Eyeliners offer many possibilities when it comes to makeup with character. Thanks to them you can add depth and feminine coquettishness in several ways. How about a classic thin line along the lash line? This is a safe and often used variant, which is characterized by a high degree of universality. You can easily apply it to create makeup for work or for the evening. Eyeliner lines can also be short and only slightly emphasize the eye. For the more courageous and skilled - a thicker line in the outer corner of the eye or even delicate swallows (i.e. with the ends slightly raised up).


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